Tina Micula hails from New York City but now calls Norfolk, Virginia home. Her father’s career with the United Nations took her family to different countries. Singing was a big part of traveling, learning songs of different cultures. 

Tina Micula writes songs about life and love as well as songs that highlight social causes. Tina has lent her songwriting talents to shed light on the homeless and those marginalized by society with songs such as God's Hands and Feet and New Road. “I'm Still Here is a song written from the perspective of someone with Alzheimer’s. I wrote this song for an Alzheimer’s awareness day,” Micula says. She went on to create a music video and produced a short documentary on Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family.

In 2007 Tina started a songwriting program and created songs with students in Norfolk and Virginia Beach schools to help them understand and remember Social Studies and Science concepts. 

She performs at retirement and nursing homes and co-writes songs with children and adults. She believes music has a miracle-working power to heal and affect people positively.

In 2015, Tina began writing and recording songs of empowerment with children in domestic violence and homeless shelters in Hampton Roads, VA.

Tina Micula Credentials:

Tina Micula holds a MS in Special Education and a certificate of Songwriting from Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. She has worked with schools In Hampton Roads to create SOL songs, has created songs with disadvantaged homeless and domestic violence youth in order to empower and encourage and reinforce positive character traits.